This is the story of 2 fashion-obsessed blondes and how when dreams (and hardwork) collide amazing things CAN happen.

Camilla Hanen  and Linda Morgridge met in 2012. They both worked at an upscale Italian shoe store in the charming downtown district of San Luis Obispo, California. They realized quickly that they had several things in common…a love of fashion and their fur children!  Both they loved almost more than the men in their lives (not really, guys!).

After working part-time in the shoe store, they found that they were feeling antsy to branch out. The blondes wanted to spend their days in a space they felt reflected their upbeat attitudes about life and fashion. So, they set out to create a boutique that the likes of little ol’ Slo-town had not seen before. Viola, 2Blondes was born!

You know from the moment you step into their lovely space that it’s different. There’s  a sense of sophistication and style that you just can’t find anywhere else in SLO. From the perfectly-curated clothing lines to the minimalist-yet-warm décor you know that Linda and Cam will create an unforgettable personal shopping experience just for you.